03/14/13, 5:05 am
I and my husband got married in 1997 and got 2 female children 15 & 6 years. From 2008 he is having illegal affair with a married lady and not willing to come home. so he applied for divorce in 2010 and inturn filed counter not to grant divorce and given proof for his immoral life. Now I filed maintanence case for me and my children as he is working in a MNC co and is drawing 1.4lacs per month. He is not giving maintanance for me but for children he is paying some meagre amount of Rs 7000/- The case is dragging on till now nothing happened. I need legal help to proceed further as he has delivered an illegal child in 2012 without seeking divorce.
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Mar 22,2013 2:35 PM

You need to sit down and discuss your case with an attorney. As a threshold matter, in Colorado, we are a no-fault divorce state and so the affairs that your husband had are not material to the divorce proceedings. Next, I am not sure, from your information, if the case is still ongoing or if the case has been finalized. Maintenance cases are difficult and you should not try to proceed by yourself.

Nothing in this communication should be considered legal advice. Nor should this communication lead you to believe that an attorney-client relationship has been created. Only after thorough analysis of your case with you in my office can I provide effective legal advice on your specific issue.

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