01/27/13, 10:10 pm
My ex husband and I have joint custody of our daughter. He has her mon/tues and drops her off at school on wed mornings and I pick her up wed after school and have her thur/fri. I just recently moved about 40min from my ex and my daughter goes to a school that is an hour from my house and about 20 min from his. I asked him about changing her school to a place that is half way between our two places. He refuses and told me we could move her to a charter school that is just as far and that is the only option he will give me. I though about going to mediation to try to solve this but think they will tell me I have no say since it was my choice to move farther from him. Please do I have any options? thank you
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Jan 28,2013 10:04 PM

You might have options. Unfortunately, this is not an answer that can be provided on an internet message board. There are too many factors that go into a decision of this nature. Your best bet it to sit down with an experienced family law attorney to discuss in more detail. Good luck Christopher Kendrick

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