03/21/13, 1:01 pm
My husband was charged with Obstruction of Police. The cops showed up to the house to investigate a domestic violence call from neighbors and we told them everything was ok, that we had just been drinking a bit. The cops stated my husbandd was obstructing because he didn't allow his brother to talk to them when he was willing to and he was blocking his way. This was not true, his brother was behinde him coming down the stairs and than stepped in front to the door and stated look officer we've been drinking but everything is ok. One of the officers stepped in the home, which my husband started yelling if they had a warrant to be in the home, at that point another officer tells him to "Shut up or I will arrest you" than he continues to ask for the warrant and next thing you know, they arrested him and said for obstruction. Do you think we can fight this in court? It's pretty much the cops word against ours and this will be in Colorado at a Municipal Court. Do you think we should hire an attorney?
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Mar 22,2013 2:29 PM

Yes, you should hire an attorney, and yes, this may be something you want to fight. I would want to see the police reports and get more information before knowing for sure. would contact an attorney as soon as possible so that witnesses can be interviewed before memories fade.

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