04/13/12, 12:12 pm
my grandmother has widow rights to her late husbands home. she abandoned the home and went to a assisted living facility. the daughter of her late husband sold the home but they need her signiture to finalize the deal. she wants $1000 to sign and belives she is intitled to atleast that for care and upkeep of the home. they are refusing and threatening to get her kicked out of the nursing home because she is getting assistance from the state and the house is still her asset but she signed with the state saying she abandoned the home she just has not signed at the tax office. they have now threatened to use her sons journal which according to them has things in it that he would not want to be made public aggainst her. they said if she does not sign they will make coppies and send the contents to friends, family, neighbors, and his employment. can they do this? please help us and let us know if they can get her kicked out of the nursing home and if they do can she get that house back scince its still her asset and has not signed like they are saying?
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Sarahjane "SJ" Davidson Swanson Says:

May 11,2012 2:10 PM

She probably cannot get the house back since she no longer lives there. The homestead right is to live in the home after the death of the spouse - but it is not ownership. When she ceased living there, her rights terminated. She's not entitled to anything for upkeep.

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