11/08/12, 4:04 pm
My girlfriend and I broke up about 2 weeks ago, and she told me she is pregnat. She told me this a week after the break up, and doesn't want me seeing the child, for it may not be mine, and my past, I requested for a perturnity test but she refuses and said she will put a restraing order on me. (Note) We broke up because of an affair she had I caught her in the act, but they admit they never had intercourse, so making me curious that the child may be mine. What do I do at this moment, can I take her to court, I'm confused and am finiacally struggling.
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Nov 15,2012 2:25 PM

You have options. First, the family courts can order a paternity test to determine if the child is yours. What you would need to do is file a petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. This would allow you to gain visitation (at the very least), if the child is in fact yours. On the flip side of that equation, the court must order child support if the child is yours. The bottom line is that you really need to consult with an attorney on this issue. I recognize that you said you are financially struggling, but this is not something you want to do by yourself. My firm provides free consultations (as do many others) and it might be worth while to look into this further now, so that you do not get blindsided at some point down the road. I hope this helps.

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