03/25/13, 7:07 pm
I live in Florida, and it was in Florida, on Alligator Ally, not many cars on the road, 11 AM, sunny out, roads were completely dry, the trooper was DRIVING in the opposite direction, it even states on the citation that it was an "Opposite Moving Radar", the radar was also last calibrated over 2 months ago on 1/15/13 and the event occurred on 3/24/13. There is no fine/points initially assigned, since it was over 100mph/30 over the speed limit there is a mandatory court date. I obviously am not a lawyer, but I was thinking both of those things would help me in court. This is also my first time getting pulled over and getting a ticket although I am only 17 and have been driving for just a little over a year. I am basically just asking for advice and what are the chances/outcomes of this?
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Andrew Rader Says:

Mar 26,2013 1:10 PM

There are ways that an attorney can help you fight the ticket in court. You can contact me at 954-913-6640 and I would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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