02/23/18, 2:02 pm
My Fiancee and I were interested in an apartment. The apartment was not currently liveable and needed a bit of work done by the landlords before we could move in. So the landlords asked us for a holding deposit, and when asked if we would get it back if we decided not to get the place, we were told "yes of course". But we didn't get that in writing. We got a receipt that says "500 for deposit", with the landlords signature and our signatures. While the landlord was working on the house, which had already taken 2 weeks, we found a place that better suits our needs for a cheaper price. We asked for our deposit back, and they refused to give even half of it back, even though they were the reason we hadn't moved in yet, not us. Do I have a case to take to court to try to get our $500 back? Or would I be wasting my time?
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Leonard Hill Says:

Apr 05,2018 9:10 AM

I would strongly encourage you to speak directly (and in person) with an attorney who specializes in Landlord/Tenant law.

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