03/24/12, 8:08 am
I was driving on a highway around the outside of Indianapolis. I got a speeding ticket for going 15+ mph over speed limit. I live in Saint Louis, MO. I never plan to return to Indiana. Is there a statute of limitations on traffic tickets? Will I get points on my license/warrant for my arrest if I don't pay (will it be in MO?)? Will I get points on my license if I pay for the ticket outright, even if it is not the same state?
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Nicholas Lindley Says:

Mar 28,2012 1:26 PM

As a former college student in Indiana who received my fair share of tickets in that state, I can assure you that Indiana will transfer your information to the Missouri Department of Revenue. If I were you, I'd contact five traffic attorneys in Indianapolis and ask how much they charge to fix a speeding ticket. Take the middle price quote, send him your ticket and a copy of your driver's license, and you won't get any points and won't have to worry about this hanging over your head. Paying the ticket outright will put two points on your license, but I've always felt it's best to pay a little more to hire an attorney to clean up your driving record and remove the points (but maybe I'm just biased). Good luck.

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