04/23/12, 8:08 am
I drank to much to drive home one night so I let a friend drive my car home for me. I was in the car infornt of my friend and he was trying to keep up with us because he was nt familiar with the area and in doing so ran a red light. He was pulled over. He is from out of the counrty so he had a forgien drivers license. He refused a breathalizer test and passed all of the drunk driving tests. They gave him a ticket for running the red light and let him go. He has now left the counrty.. I am responsable for paying the ticket?
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Kevin Bessant Says:

Jun 03,2012 10:36 AM

Generally for the a traffic ticket, unlike a parking ticket, a person is responsible for their own traffic violations. All the police needs from a person is a drivers license and current address in which the court will submit the persons information into the courts computer system. The person is notified that they have 10-14 days to either pay the ticket or schedule a hearing date. I doubt that ticket will transfer to you just because you friend is out of the country.

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Ryan Berman Says:

Apr 25,2012 2:29 PM

No, if they wrote him a ticket as indicated, then you're not responsible; but it would be in your friend's best interest to take care of that ticket. Especially if he plans on ever returning here, and depending on what country he's in, this could possibly have an effect on his license there.

Ryan Berman
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