02/21/13, 7:07 am
When I divorced we owed the IRS about 18,000 in back taxes. Per the divorce agreement I have paid my half. My ex-husband has not, is not paying his half of the installment agreement and will not give me an estimated time of payment. Now if I file my taxes my return will go to his half of the debt. Is there anyway to get the IRS to recognize my divorce agreement where I am only responsible for HALF the debt. My ex now lives in another country so he has no personal stake in payment. I do if I don't want my assets to be seized. What can I do?
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Andrew Rader Says:

Feb 21,2013 9:40 AM

Unfortunately there is no way for the IRS to recognize the divorce agreement. The tax liability was a joint liability of $18,000. The IRS is not going to sever that debt because of the divorce agreement. The IRS will collect from whichever party they can. If the IRS forces you to pay his agreed upon portion of the debt, your only recourse is to pursue him legally under that divorce agreement. Pursuing him through the courts will be ineffective since he lives in another country.

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