12/26/13, 2:02 pm
My daughters father has physical custody of my daughter every other week Friday 6:30pm to Sunday 6:30pm, but due to some issues with him and his wife disrespecting her and her father hitting her and having her as a babysitter for 5 other children my daughter does not want to go! At the same time his wife has went on social media talking about me and my daughter that we are filthy and little b****es e.t.c My daughter does not feel comfortable on going over anymore, she is 13 years old! I did file for a custody modification but its not for a whole year, What do I do in the mean time that she does not want to go?? He is also filing a petition of contempt every time she's suppose to be with him and she doesn't go.
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Debra Rainey Says:

Dec 28,2013 11:21 AM

Hi it sounds like you need to get your daughter into therapy. Also having a licensed professional prepare a report for the Court to demonstrate,how, if at all continued exposure and contact with the father may have a negative far reaching impact on your child. In addition, although you have a hearing on the modification petition scheduled already, you can file a Petition for an Expedited hearing, which would required Family Court to schedule a hearing before a Judge to determine if the reasons you seek an expedited hearing warrant the same. Having an evaluation and recommendation by a licensed professional would strengthen your position. Hopefully you find this answer helpful. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to email me

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