05/10/12, 12:12 pm
My daughter who is 19 yrs. old, is in San Francisco State University, was caught stealing from a liquor store. A friend put the liquor in my daughters purse but it was my daughter who walked out with the item. What are the consequences?
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Darrell York Says:

May 12,2012 10:40 AM

Well she can be charged with the following crimes: Burglary if they can prove she entered with the intent to commit a theft; Petty theft; and even a conspiracy to commit a burglary or theft but I have never seen a prosecutor file such a charge in these type of cases. More than likely they will file a petty theft. They might offer her informal diversion or they can allow her to plea to an infraction if the item was less than $50. If they do neither she will probably just get credit time served and short probation.

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