03/23/13, 6:06 pm
I am a custodial parent, my ex was ordered to pay 200$ a week for 2 children , he fell behind by 14,000$ and I took him to court. The judge kept the 200 weekly enforced and I agreed to drop the arrears down to 9,000 which was to be paid directly to me. He never paid the arrears and is now another 2000$ behind putting him at eleven thousand dollars. His wife is very wealthy and pays all the bills, they drive a brand new Lexus are buying a new home and live a very high quality life. would his lifestyle be a concern in the courtroom? I live a fairly average lifestyle and his negligence at times has caused me some trouble due to falling behind on bills and my credit has also been affected from late payments. My kids extra activities like hockey and dance have gone on the back burner because I cannot afford it all the time. He sees them every other weekend but stopped seeing them for dinner on tuesdays because he is " working" ( off thebooks) . What can I do?
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Eric Gottfried Says:

Mar 25,2013 9:17 AM

Please contact my office to speak with Mark Lefkowicz. We may be able to assist you in collection of the support arrears. 212-766-5665

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