03/30/16, 6:06 pm
I've been currently separated from my spouse for a few months. He had worked for a dealership and had gotten both cars through his job.He had gotten a newer vehicle than I did and I had gotten a second hand car. I truly didn't care that I got a second car, but at the time of the marriage we were making payments on the vehicles. His mom and my mom had lent us money to put down payments on the vehicles. My question to you is that since the vehicle that I currently drive how to get it inspected and registered in the state that I currently reside in. I had asked him several time to send me a copy of the registration so I can keep a copy of it in the car that I drive and stated several times that he would send it out only if I let him see my son and take him on vacation. My child is from a previous relationship and my husband is not his biological father. He thinks that he has rights in doing so. He had been making payments on his vehicle but that I been gotten repoed and is trying to take the car that I currently drive. I just want to get a ticket or tickets or get points on my record/. He had mentioned several months ago that I should just go to DMV and sign the documents with his permission. I refused to do so. So my question is that since I[m the one who is making payments and I decide to stop making payments and can't afford making payments any longer what happens to the car. I need to bring my child to school, doctor appointments, and other things. I need a car but who know how long that I will be able to keep the car because he keep on waving the registration and title over my head and being very mean and not giving it to me. I know that I need the car to be paid off and then I"m hoping that he signs the title over to me, but I think that he would just take the car after the car is paid off. I"m trying to get my career started but I can't because I'm afraid he will take the car and I won't be able to get myself to work or bring my child to his appointments. I have several other questions that I need to ask and I wanna know how much it would it cost for a divorce?
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Eric Gottfried Says:

Apr 04,2016 9:41 AM

You've raised complicated issues relating to Matrimonial Law. For a consultation, call my partner Mark Lefkowicz at 212-766-5665 We have offices in Long Island as well

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