03/25/12, 7:07 am
I have a Deli & a company has given me a freezer for Ice Cream and for the past few months its been on the fritz and it's finally broken. All of the product has either melted or had to be thrown out. I've contacted the company on countless occasions and they refuse to give me a new freezer because they want theyre money for the product which they placed inside which is now garbage. They refuse to remove their unit or replace it until we pay them for something I think is defective. I dont know if it's under my rights to throw out their unit since they refuse to replace or remove it. Or Can I charge them storage since it's been in my store broke and out of order for about 4-5 months. Help,Please.
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Tanya Gendelman, Esq. Says:

Mar 25,2012 12:20 PM

You can go to Small Claims Court in Queens and sue them for up to $5,000.

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