06/11/12, 8:08 am
I committed retail fraud of the lowest degree, not sure if that's 3rd or 1st degree. Anyway, I received a written demand for $200 dollars and paid it the next week. Since this, about a month ago, I have not received any calls or contact about court or prosecution. I am 18, the friend I was caught with was 17 and has already been charged. If I call and there is a warrant for my arrest to which I turn myself in for will I go to jail? I also have a trip to Canada that has been planned for quite some time, before the incident, happening in August. Will I be allowed to leave the country? I am very confused. I am not a bad kid. Just made a mistake. Please help!
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Kevin Bessant Says:

Jun 12,2012 9:22 AM

A Civil Demand and Criminal Prosecution are two separate things. A Civil Demand is a money judgment only, in which the retailer can request restitution of up to $200.00. If you fail to pay, the retailer can attempt to sue you for the restitution amount and attorney fees. Because this is not always done by the retailer, it may be advisable to hold off on paying the Civil Demand until any criminal prosecution takes place. In terms of the criminal prosecution, typically it takes a couple of weeks to a month before the retailer sends their retail fraud information to the police and or local prosecutor. At this point, the court will send you a notice date in the mail for your criminal arraignment. If this occurs, please be mindful that a retail fraud conviction can have severe consequences on your criminal record, which can make it very difficult to find employment and various educational opportunities. You will need a criminal attorney in this matter. Please contact me at the information provided on my profile to further discuss your situation.

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