10/08/12, 5:05 pm
HI, I am in Colorado. I'm a reluctant housewife. I've been unemployed fifteen years due to stalking and control issues (disabled cars, yelling, stalking, harassment). Three kids (8yrs-14yrs). A house. 401K in his name that he's raiding regularly. He lost his job four years ago and became ultra controlling. I took online classes and tried to start a business but once it was off the ground, I was stalked, my colleagues harrased, and my credit was destroyed. My business is in limbo and has been for 18 months. Our phones don't work most of the time. I have little access to money. We just filed for bankruptcy last week. I want to leave. I can borrow a little bit of money from relatives. What do I need to do? Do I have to wait until the bankruptcy is over to file for a separation? Can I keep him from raiding the 401K? What is the average retainer? Should I go for mediation? Should I file while I am still in the house? I also want to know where I can put together the best plan for the kids. Should I visit with a mediator? a social worker? a therapist? Thank you in advance for your time.
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Oct 17,2012 3:28 PM

You have a somewhat complex issue that needs to be addressed by a competent family law attorney. Once that attorney has a full appraisal of your situation, you can be given the proper advice on this issue. With that said, you can file for divorce (or legal separation) whenever you choose. The only real way to keep assets from disappearing is to file.

Nothing in this communication should be considered legal advice. Nor should this communication lead you to believe that an attorney-client relationship has been created. Only after thorough analysis of your case with you in my office can I provide effective legal advice on your specific issue.

Christopher Kendrick
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