04/05/12, 1:01 am
I live in CA. I have a child support order filed in UT. The base amount was $403 filed 5 yrs ago. I just filed to have the case re-evaluated. However, Office of Recovery services in Utah stated they can not garnish wages for child care and medical expenses (part of order) unless there is a judgement. I have gone through Utah courts to find out how to file a judgement, but am at a loss, especially because I am out of state. Is there anything I can do from where I am? Main thing, his wages need to be garnished, because he chooses to not be involved, or fulfill his obligation. Also, can I collect on the last 5 years, or will it be from current forward? Thank you in advance!
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Darrell York Says:

Apr 11,2012 4:34 PM

You need to contact an attorney in Utah that specializes in family law to obtain the judgment. This can be tricky and you need to have someone assisting you that knows this area of law in Utah.

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