08/16/13, 10:10 am
My son has been charged with possession and delivery of marijuana. The arraignment has not been set. Should we set it to speed things along? Should we have a lawyer at the arraignment?
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Jason Dunkle Says:

Aug 21,2013 2:26 PM

I would recommend that you hire an attorney to appear at the Arraignment and act as a buffer between your son and the police. At the arraignment, the judge will set bail, so having an attorney often times results in either a lower bail or possibly an unsecured bail being set so that your son can avoid going to jail during the pretrial phase of the case. Also, if you don't have a lawyer, then you tend to lean on the officer or the judge for legal advice. Remember, while the officer and judge may be good people, their primary concern and role in the criminal system is not your son. An attorney's job is to get the best resolution possible for your son.

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