06/05/12, 11:11 am
Me and my brother were recently featured on the news for an arrest. we were put on the local t.v. stations, in the papers, all over the internet. since then i have been receiving threats, being discriminated against, and facing all sorts of obstacles caused by the public exploitation of my character. I am curious what i can do to remove this content, or file a lawsuit against the media agency's who i believe are unfairly and illegally using my story to make money. without my permission
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Kevin Bessant Says:

Jun 06,2012 9:44 PM

You can always attempt to sue the particular news or media agency for defamation or slander, but it may prove to be pretty difficult. You would have to show that the particular agency knowingly published false information with a malicious intent to harm your character. Typically, the media will report on news or information made available to them via public or private dissemination. Showing that the agency knowingly published false information is hard to show in a civil suit, but it may be worth it if you can make viable claim against them.

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