05/20/12, 9:09 am
i have been blackmailed into a deal by my p. d. and the prosecuter. they say a nieghbor of mine said he seen me around the residence where there is a danco in place. in reality i live in the same neighbor hood at another residence right now and the public lake lot is kinda across a public street from my residence where the danco is in place. i have nieghbors that will give statements to the state's witness's bad charector and that i have never been over on the property with the danco set in place. the victum says i havent been there and the victums mom said i wasnt there and was then threatned by prosecution with jail time if she didnt say what they wanted her to say. can the state give me danco violation in this scenerio?
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Christian Peterson Says:

May 21,2012 4:22 PM

I commented on your question yesterday, so see that response as well. It sounds like you took the plea deal you,we're offered, which if that was the case there isn't much you can do. Don't plead guilty to charges you dont think you are guilty of. Demand a trial instead. It's your right. You can make a motion to withdraw your guilty plea, however that is a tough standard to meet. You may be stuck. Call me at 612-269-1902 if you would like help drafting a motion to withdraw guilty plea. It is a complicated motion

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