04/17/12, 3:03 pm
I was attacked by a wolf dog about 2 weeks ago and had to go to emergency care with several wounds on both arms, leg and back. I was care taker on the property with many dogs and I was asked to claim it was a stray dog. This was the second attack the animal had done. The owner took no responsibility for this and would not comply with the doctors requests regarding rabies. I had no vehicle and she was my only force of surviving. She then put the dog down a week later. Then she offered me $150 and a vehicle…under a state of distress and the need to get out of there and on with my life I signed a document that incorrectly stated the events and released her from any responsibility for my injuries or the cost of rehabilitating my fingers. I was filled with fear because of the other 6 wolf dogs on the property. I have been unable to identify the registered owner or register this vehicle and the $150 has only gotten gas and a hotel for 1 night along with a few meals. I only signed this and accepted this vehicle because of a strong urge to survive and realize now how foolish and desperate I was. Is there anything I can do to get the compensation I need?
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Darrell York Says:

Apr 17,2012 8:55 PM

You should have contacted an attorney asap and you should still contact one in your area so he can review the release to see if it is a valid release.

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