05/11/12, 6:06 pm
I live in an apartment complex that ie being renovated. In March the contractors were replacing the windows. They were not put in right in the living room and there was storm over the weekend. The rain came into my unit all weekend. As a result sevral items that were plugged into an outlet shorted out. I submitted a letter to the landlord to seek reimbursment for my damaged items. Fastforward to May the contractors said they will pay the amount i'm seeking If I give them the damaged property. Is that a requirement? Is that legal that are willing to pay under the condition I surrender my property?
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Darrell York Says:

May 12,2012 10:36 AM

They have made you an offer to compensate you for your loss and it is a contingent offer which is legal. If they are paying for the total destruction of the item, give them the item. If you were involved in a lawsuit and claimed the item was damaged they would have the right to a physical inspection of that appliance. I suggest if the appliance shorted out, take their money and give them the damaged goods.

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