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Obagi Law Group, P.C.

811 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 1709
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone:(310) 299-2675
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Obagi Law Group, P.C. has all the tools needed to handle a wide range of legal matters such as debt collection, real estate litigation, creditor’s rights, bad faith insurance practices, appellate law, foreign sovereign immunities, and U.S. veteran’s rights. From their office in Beverly Hills, they are ideally situated to represent their clients and fight for their best interests. The firm focuses on finding individualized solutions to every case which meet the client’s needs. Having been widely recognized for their successes and a strong track record of client satisfaction, Obagi Law Group, P.C. can help your situation no matter how complex.

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  •     Attorney Zein Obagi is suspended by State Bar of California for Two Years. 1
    Attorney Zein Obagi is Suspended by State Bar of California for Moral Turpitude and for steeling $515,000 from one of his previous clients. In his profile in Justia he claimed that he does Civil and Federal appeals , that is a total lie , he represented me from 2019-2021 , and I have emails from him that I can provide that he said that he never done any Civil or Federal Appeals. Before he represented me , he sent me email that he had a lot of experience handling federal court cases , two years after he represented me he sent an email that he never done fedral court cases before. Thanks to God and for the State Bar that the Justice was served by suspending him for two years for moral turpitude and for steeling $515,000 from one of his previous clients , I wished he was totally disbarred so he wouldn't have any more victims. I am one of his victims he too from me $30,000 more than $15,000 of it went for expert witnesses to bring to my jury trial against the Airline , and he caused me to lose $7.225M against the Airlines because he walked away from my case in the eve of collectingthe jusgement , he had no heart , he confronted me with my mental illness many times verbally and by emails and text messages , I am 65 years old disabled , Aids Survivor and that Monester didn't have any merci on me , he left me stranded looking for a lawyer to represent me until today to bring me my money , I am surprised that someone like that would hold a public job to protect the public , it's unbelivable that theif hungry money man supposed to protect the public and it's money , he should be impeached from that job to protect the public , and he should be disbarred from practicing the also to protect the public , my case is number 5:17cv01065-DSF-AS , it's public records , please check it out and see how much time he stall in my case and how many consiracy documents he did in my case to favor the Airline , he was so angry when the jury awarded me such high verdict and walked away from case just to blew my judgement away , he was representing me and he was supposed to share with me that big amount , but aparently the airlines paid him more , he should be investigated in all his case to see how many victims were hurt by his wrong doing. But again I thank the State Bar for this first big step. I have all emails available on request that show many of his lies and dishonesty , and his verbal abuse to me I wouldn't recommend him even to my best enemy. Posted by : Atef Bandary   On: 08 Jan 2024
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