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40 N. Central Ave, Suite 1450
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
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    Michael Pittman, was the worst Attorney to hire for a Misdemeanor DUI. Unprofessional from the start. He had me sign a contract immediately, without looking into my case for 1 minute. Met him at Chipotle, to talk about my case. He didn't write anything I said down on a pad, kept looking at his watch, as if I was wasting his time. I gave him the $1,500, and he's was out the door. No receipt or any paperwork or even a business card. I felt like I just got robbed. I called him, and asked. Do you have a receipt for me, of the $1,500? He said, I'll be back in just a bit. We waited for almost 45 minutes. Just to get a receipt. A few weeks later, I asked if he looked at my case or talked to the Procecutor. He said no, not yet. He pushed my court date out. Which I was suppose to pay him the following month, the other half. Still hasn't cared to tell me, if I had any hope or not? No news..... When it was time to pay the other $1,500. I told him my money hasn't came in yet. Can he give me more time. He said no, he couldn't wait that long.... He ended up withdrawing me as his client. Yet, the same day, he ended up calling the Procecutor, after withdrawing? Telling me, I need to take the plea, or it's just gonna get worse for you. And, he tells me, now the Procecutor wants to make me take 6-12 months of anger management classes, on a DUI charge. Now, Realizing, I was from Surprise and Michael Pittman was from Surprise. Which, Michael Pittman seen I had a few incidence in Surprise. Now, he's calling the Procecutor (after withdrawing me) and now the Procecutor wants me to take Anger Management classes after talking to Michael Pittman. This Attorney was so angry and spiteful at me, because I didn't pay up the other $1,500. When I just needed more time. He maliciously went out of his way to help add fuel to the fire on my case. This is unjust and completely wrong. Instead of helping me, he's wanting me to take the awful plea from the start and told me, if I don't, you'll get 90days in jail and 7,500 fine. Evil and vindictive, if you don't pay up on time. He'll call your Procecutor, and have your Procecutor add more things on your charge. So, if you hire him. Make sure you have plenty of money, and don't take long talking about your case. Because, he don't have time to hear about what you have to say......I'm extremely hurt and disappointed that he went out of his way to hurt me, over money. Deceived, by the Deciever. Again. I've Lost hope and faith in Attorney's! Moral of this= I would of paid $3000 for a Misdemeanor DUI, for the plea that the Procecutor was giving me. Thank God, I didn't pay this crooked Attorney. Because, he's telling to take the plea. He wasn't gonna do nothing for me. He got $1,500 of my money, for zero work. Yes, I should be upset. I'm more hurt, that he went out of his way to make things worse! Posted by : Sirena Cameron   On: 11 Mar 2017
  •     Possible Legal Malpractice 1
    I hired Pittman based on his great reviews and promise not to pass clients on to inferior lawyers after getting the clients money; but that's is exactly what he did. I was passed on to a horrible lawyer that a AZ bar suspension and I believe Pittman lied about everything after I confronted him about it. I also found out from another lawyer after a conviction that there was a defense that could have been used to get the case dismissed. I currently looking into a legal malpractice lawsuit and reporting them to the AZ bar. Posted by : Smith   On: 20 Feb 2019
  •     Save your money! 1
    Very poor lawyer. Warns you about bad DUI lawyers taking your money and doing nothing but then he does just that. Never got any updates, dragged out for almost a year, told to just plead guilty in the end. Such a waste of money that could have paid the fines and fees that came anyways. I have no idea how he got any good reviews unless they are fake. Posted by : Mike   On: 08 Jun 2019
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