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603 F East chester dr
high point, NC 27262
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Criminal Law

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Attorneys in Firm     1
Attorney Bar Number     10239
Practicing Law Since     2010

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  •     Pathetic! 1
    This doofus deserves a -10, not a 1. Matthew Moore is an absolute blithering moron! He knows almost nothing of how the law works, although in his mind he should be on the supreme court. He thinks he knows everything. Much worse, he's incredibly unpleasant to talk to, very rude, and simply totally incompetent and extremely arrogant. I'd have far better results consulting with my neighbor's senile cat. He seems to spend most of his time posting bad advice on free lawyer websites, indicating he doesn't spend a lot of time with paying clients. If you do a search, you will find far more bad reviews than good ones, this is no coincidence. Other people think he is arrogant and rude also, not a coincidence. Posted by : Ryan   On: 13 Oct 2022
  •     He is also quite unpleasant to speak to 10
    He is also quite unpleasant to speak to. Consulting with my neighbor's elderly cat would provide far better results. It seems that he does not spend much time with paying customers since he spends much of his time offering incorrect advice on free legal websites dordle. Posted by : Nnectheadline   On: 18 Jul 2023
  •     Oke 2
    I just got here a little while ago, and it's great. I was really drawn in by the piece of information you have here. Thanks a lot for making such a great blog page quordle Posted by : Alexreynolds   On: 09 Aug 2023
  •     Quordle 1
    You can play Quordle and try to guess four words all at once. Posted by : Madeline   On: 11 Sep 2023
  •     Taylor Swift 2048 4
    There are dissertation sheets together with the web site while you turned out to be obviously believed in the blog page. [url=]Taylor Swift 2048[/url] Posted by : Taylor Swift 2048   On: 19 Sep 2023
  •     Thank you 10
    I don't understand why people only rate Matthew Brett Moore 3.6 points? I have used his services and found that he is wordle today very knowledgeable about the law and has also helped many people win their cases. I encourage everyone to use his services! Posted by : Maicho   On: 22 Sep 2023
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