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The Adams Law Firm

600 17th Street Suite 2800S
Denver, Colorado 80202
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The Adams Law Firm is a criminal and DUI defense law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation for individuals across Colorado. While some firms will mass produce legal solutions, attorney Jared Adams will take the time to understand the unique details of every case and tailor a solution to fit each client’s individual needs. The investigation and prosecution of DUI cases involves many different scientific and officer administered tests to determine intoxication. Although these tests seem accurate, there are many opportunities for error on the part of law enforcement. DUI attorney Jared Adams is well versed in the science behind blood alcohol tests, toxicology tests, and the investigative methods used by officers to determine intoxication. We have the knowledge and experience to find any investigatory mistakes and utilize them to protect your freedom and rights. Putting up a strong DUI defense isn’t free, but it is far more affordable than dealing with the long term consequences, like the fines, classes, and potentially the loss of your job and income. Contact The Adams Law Firm today and receive the guidance and defense you need to move past this trying time in your life.

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Attorneys in Firm     1
Attorney Bar Number     41154
Practicing Law Since     2009

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  •     Jared Saved My License 10
    Jared Adams is one of the best attorneys I have personally worked with. When I got my DUI and Careless Driving tickets, I frantically started searching online for an attorney who could fight my case for me. I have a CDL and need to keep my license in order to keep my job! Jared was able to map out a very detailed and strategic plan on how we were going to fight gym case. He advised me of my rights and kept me informed 110% of the time! He even met with me multiple times outside of his office hours so that we could prep for a jury trial. He ended up securing a deal through the DA dropping both the DUI and the Careless Driving charges in exchange for a Reckless Driving charge! I was able to keep my license and subsequently my job! I would recommend Jared Adams to anyone with a simple or a difficult case! Thanks Jared! Posted by : Thomas   On: 11 Feb 2014
  •     Jared is in the process of being disbarred or suspended by the Colorado Supreme Court 1
    Jared is in the process of having his license suspended or being barred from practicing law in the future. According the representative at the Supreme Court that I spoke to when filing my complaint, they have enough complaints to write a book for failing to advise clients of court dates, failing to attend court dates on behalf of his clients resulting in warrants issued for the arrest of his clients like myself, and refusing to return retainer money in the thousands in my case, and is being reprimanded for failing to return phone calls, emails, text messages to his clients. All of these things are in the complaint I filed, and as I stated the representative I spoke to when filing my complaint told me they have received so many complaints they could write a book on them. Jareds excuse is he is under going problems that need extended treatment. Returning retainer fees or advising clients of court dates should have no effect on whatever issues he is seeking treatment for. He also referred me to an attorney named Zach Westerfield who he claimed was his mentor, and who would be contacting me, and I found out why he was a mentor, as he failed to attend a meeting with me as well, or return phone calls and emails. All of the things I stated can be reviewed by contacting the Colorado Supreme Court after they hand down there punishment, which will be very shortly. Posted by : Edward Haley   On: 29 Jan 2016
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