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Best Law Office, LLC

23 Church Street
Denville, NJ 07834
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At Best Law Office, LLC, we combine experience and personalized attention with cutting-edge legal technology to advocate for your rights in New Jersey family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, modification of support, emancipation, and other issues. Amanda L. Best, Esq., is a licensed New Jersey attorney who brings years of family law practice and diligent representation to your case to help you achieve positive results. Amanda believes that her clients deserve to be heard and educated, and she strives to provide knowledgeable information and zealous advocacy. Best Law Office, LLC, is a hybrid law firm offering both limited representation (often called “unbundled” or “flat fee”) and traditional, full representation, either online or in a traditional setting. The virtual aspect of the law office enables you to review and prepare your case when it’s convenient for you. As a client, you’ll have access to your file at your convenience where you can can get up-to-the-minute updates on your case, file, and invoices. Best Law Office, LLC, also operates a physical law office located in Denville, New Jersey, where you can meet with Amanda to discuss your case. Your divorce or other family law issue can be a difficult and challenging time in your life. You don’t have to do it alone. Best Law Office, LLC, will help you so that you can move forward with your life. Your life isn’t stuck in the past. Your legal representation shouldn’t be, either.

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Attorneys in Firm     1
Attorney Bar Number     015702007
Practicing Law Since     2007

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  •     There but not realy there 1
    While Amanda is quite knowledgeable her actual procedural inexperience shows and her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. Amanda emailed me two days prior to Christmas break that she was withdrawing from my case due to her office closing. She accomplished nothing in my case and left me high and dry without any funds to secure another attorney. Posted by : Anonymous   On: 22 Dec 2012
  •     Look Elsewhere for Legal Representation 1
    I hired Amanda in September of 2012 for divorce proceeding. At a vulnerable and emotional time, Amanda did not immediately file motion for pendente lite (which should have been the absolute first step for an economically dependent spouse) but instead spun her wheels filing a divorce motion only to find spouse filed the week before (a telephone call to opposing counsel would have taken less time/effort/$$). Amanda then had to draft the response resulting in more unnecessary fees. She did show up for our initial Case Management Conference. The time I did question her actions/responses or lack thereof, she became defensive. She does not possess any type of "bed side manner" leaving you questioning her abilities. Amanda did write a decent draft of a Marital Settlement Agreement/Parenting Agreement that went nowhere because I questioned a couple of items on it. Suffice it to say that Amanda is not the aggressive, resourceful and seasoned advocate you want representing you when your life is on the line. On 12/20/12, Amanda suddenly ceased representation citing closing of law practice and outstanding balance of account. Amanda has not returned phone calls or requests for the case file. I have since learned that this is not only unethical but is potentially illegal while a case is in motion. Amanda was ordered by the Judge to appear at the January's Early Settlement Panel but she did not. I tried to force an emergency hearing that same day to make argument for financial support, but since the Judge didn’t acknowledge the Substitution of Attorney, the Judge would not hear the argument. I was once again out of luck. Financially destitute, I have been forced to self-represent in a complicated divorce. I am attending school and working part time but the disparity of incomes is quite significant. As of 2/18/13, I still have had no financial support from my spouse of 19 years since July 2012. We are still residing in the same residence with two small children that are being brainwashed daily by a narcissistic spouse who could easily move. I ask you, does this sound like a lawyer you want representing you? The good that came out of this mess is that I have new representation sent by an angel to help me and he is showing me what great representation is all about and I am confident that eventually a fair settlement will prevail. Posted by : Annette   On: 18 Feb 2013
  •     Competent 9
    Amanda is competent, however her procedural inexperience and bedside style are lacking. Amanda informed me two days before Christmas stating she was leaving my case due to her office closure. She failed my case and left me without money for a new counsel. - google Posted by : Bostonyingfry   On: 03 Nov 2023
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