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    This phrase, when used in English conveyancing with reference to settlements of land, signifies all such children as are not entitled to the rights of an eldest son. It therefore Includes daughters, even those who are older than the eldest son. Mozley A Whitley.
    This word may include children and youth of both sexes. Nelson v. Cushing, 2 Cush. (Mass.) 519, 528.
  • YULE
    The times of Christmas and Lamas.
    Fr. Winter grain. Kelham.
    Span. A water ditch or artificial canal, and particularly one used for purposes of irrigation. See Pico v. Oolimas, 32 Cal. 57a
    Span. A water, commission­er or superintendent, or supervisor of an irrigation system. See Pico v. Colimas, 32 Cal. 57a
    This word is commonly taken in a bad sense, as denoting a separatist from the Church of England, or a fanatic. Brown.
    An untechnical term denoting a witness, on the trial of a cause, who manifests a partiality for the side calling him, and an eager readiness to tell anything which he thinks may be of advantage to that side.
  • ZEIR
    Sc. Year. "Zeir and day." Bell.
    In Hindu law. Landkeeper. An officer who under the Mohammedan government was charged with the financial superintendence of the lands of a district, the protection of the cultivators, and the realization of the government's share of its produce, either in money or kind. Wharton.
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