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    (Latin) In the civil law. A volume; so called from its form, being rolled up.
    (Latin) We will; it is our will. The first word of a clause in the royal writs of protection and letters patent. Cowell.
    A voluntary madman. A term applied by Lord Coke to a drunkard, who has voluntarily contracted madness by intoxication. Co. Litt 247 ; 4 Bl. Comm. 25.
    Free; without compulsion or solicitation. Without consideration; without valuable consideration; gratuitous. —Voluntary courtesy. A voluntary act of kindness; an act of kindness performed by one man towards another, of the free will and inclination of the doer, without any previous request or promise of reward made by him who is More...
    Lat. Properly, volition, purpose, or intention, or a design or the feel-ing or Impulse which prompts the commission of an act; hut in old English law the term was often used to denote a will, that is, the last will and testament of a decedent, more properly called testamentum. Voluntas More...
    In conveyancing, one who holds a title under a voluntary conveyance, i. e., one made without consideration, good or valuable, to support it A person who gives his services without any express or implied promise of remunera¬tion in return is called a "volunteer," and is entitled to no remuneration for More...
  • VOTE
    Suffrage; the expression of his will, preference, or choice, formally manifested by a member of a legislative or deliberative body, or of a constituency or a .body of qualified electors, In regard to the deci¬sion to be made by the body as a whole upon any proposed measure or proceeding, More...
    One who has the right of giving his voice or suffrage.
    In the houses of parliament the clerks at the tables make brief entries of all that is actually done; and these minutes, which are printed from day to day for the use of members, are called the "votes and proceedings of parlia¬ment." From these votes and proceedings the journals of More...
    Lat. A vow or promise. Dies votorum, the wedding day. Fleta 1. 1, c. 4.
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