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    Two officers who cleaved the tallies written by the clerk of the tallies, and read the same, that the clerk of the pell and comptrollers thereof might see their entries were true. They also made searches for records in the treasury, and had the custody of Domesday Book. Cowell. The More...
    In conveyancing. A lease granted by one who is himself a lessee for years, for any fewer or less number of years than he himself holds. If a deed passes all the estate or time of the termor, it is an assignment; but, if it be for less portion of More...
    An officer who acts directly under the sheriff, and perforins all the duties of the sheriff's office, a few only excepted where the personal presence of the high-sheriff is necessary. The sheriff is civilly responsible for the acts or omissions of his under-sheriff. Mozley & Whitley. A distinction is made More...
    A tenant under one who is himself a tenant; one who holds by under-lease.
    In Louisiana. In every tutorship there shall be ah under-tutor, whom It shall be the duty of the judge to appoint at the time letters of tutorship are certified for the tutor. It Is the duty of the undertutor to act for the minor' whenever the interest of the minor More...
    He who transacted the business of the lord high treasurer.
    In Scotch, criminal procedure, an accused person, in appearing to take, his trial, is said "to compear and underlie the law." Mozley A Whitley.
    In the law of contracts. This is a loose and ambiguous term, unless it be accompanied by some expression to show that it constituted a meeting of the minds of parties upon something respecting which they intended to be bound. Camp v. Waring, 25 Conn. 529. But it may denote More...
    The phrase "it is understood," when employed as a word of contract in a written agreement, has the same force as the words "it Is agreed." Higgin-son v. Weld, 14 Gray (Mass.) 165.
    A promise, engager ment, or stipulation. Each of the promises made by the parties to a contract, considered independently and not as mutual, may. in this sense, be denominated an "undertaking." "Undertaking" is frequently used in the special sense of a promise given in the course of legal proceedings by More...
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