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    See HIDAGE.
    An instrument for measuring the density of fluids. Being immersed in fluids, as in water, brine, beer, brandy, etc., it determines the proportion of their density, or their specific gravity, and thence their quality. See Rev. St U. S. f 2918 (U. S. Comp. St 1901, p. 1927.)
    Lat. In the civil law. Winter. Dig. 43, 20, 4, 34. Written, in some of the old books, "yems." Fleta, lib. 2, c" "73, f? 16, ia A"
    In medical jurisprudence. A psychic or mental state rendering the patient susceptible to suggestion at the will of another. The hypnotic state is an abnormal condition o of the mind and senses, in the nature of trance, artificial catalepsy, or somnambulism, induced in one person by another, by concentration of More...
    In the civil law. The name of the bequest or legacy given by the husband to his wife, at his death, above her dowry.
    In medical jurisprudence. (1) The morbid deposition of a sediment of any kind in the body. (2) A congestion or flushing of the blood vessels, as in varicose veins. Post-mortem hypostasis, a peculiar lividlty of the cadaver.
    In Scotland, the term "hypothec" is used to signify the landlord's right which, independently of any stipulation, he has over the crop and stocking of his tenant. It gives a security to the landlord over the crop of each year for the lent of that year, and over the cattle More...
    "Hypotheca" was a term of the Roman law, and denoted a pledge or mortgage. As distinguished from the term "pignut" in the same law, it denoted a mortgage, whether of lands or of goods, in which the subject in pledge remained in the possession of the mortgagor or debtor; whereas More...
    Lat. In the civil law. An hypothecary action; an action for the enforcement of an hypotheca, or right of mortgage; or to obtain the surrender of the thing mortgaged. Inst. 4, 6, 7; Mackeld. Rom Law, f 356. Adopted in the Civil Code of Louisiana, under the name of "Vaction More...
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