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    Lat. An insane man; a madman; a lunatic. Furiosus absontis looo est. A madman is the same with an absent person, [that is, his presence is of no effect.] Dig. 50, 17, 24, 1. Furiosus nullum negotium oontrabere potest. A 'madman can contract nothing, [can make no contract.] Dig. 50, More...
    A furlong, or a furrow one-eighth part of a mile long. Co. Litt. 5b.
    A measure of length, being forty poles, or one-eighth of a mile.
    Leave of absence; especially, leave given to a military or naval officer, or soldier or seaman, to be absent from service for a certain time. Also the document granting leave of absence.
    To supply; provide; provide for use. Delp v. Brewing Co., 123 Pa. 42, 15 Atl. 871; Wyatt v. Larimer A W. Irr. Co., 1 Colo. App. 480, 29 Pac. 906. As used in the liquor laws, "furnish" means to provide in any way, and Includes giving as well as selling. More...
    This term includes that which furnishes, or with which anything is furnished or supplied; whatever must be supplied to a house, a room, or the like, to make it habitable, convenient, or agreeable; goods, vessels, utensils, and other appendages necessary or convenient for housekeeping; whatever is added to the interior More...
    Formerly an inn of chancery. See INNS OF CHANCERY. Furor oontrahi mntrlmonlunt non sinit, quia consensu opus est. Insanity prevents marriage from being contracted, because consent is needed. Dig. 23, 2, 16, 2; 1 Ves. & B. 140; 1 Bl. Comm. 439; Wight-man v. Wightman, 4 Johns. Ch. (N. Y.) More...
    In old English law. Time to advise or take counsel, Jacob.
    In most of its uses in law, this term means additional, though occassionaly it may mean any, future, or other. See London & S. F. Bank v. Parrott, 125 Cal. 472, 58 Pac. 164, 73 Am. St. Rep. 64; Hltchings v. Van Brunt, 38 N. Y. 338; Fifty Associates v. More...
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