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  • DARE
    Lat. In the civil law. To transfer property. When this transfer is made in order, to discharge a debt, it is datio sol-vendi animo; when in order to receive an equivalent to create an obligation, it is datio contrahendi animo; lastly, when made ionandi animo, from mere liberality, it is More...
    To give away In fee, or forever.
    To clear a legal account; to answer an accusation; to settle a controversy.
    L. Fr. Last. -Darrein eontinnanee. The last continuance.-Darrein presentment. In old English law. The last presentment. See ASSISE OF DARREIN PRESENTMENT.-Darrein seisin. Last seisin. A plea which lay in some cases for the tenant in a writ of right See 1 Rose. Real Act. 206.
  • DATA
    In old practice and conveyancing. The date of a deed; the time when it was given; that is, executed. Grounds whereon to proceed; facts from which to draw a conclusion.
  • DATE
    The specification or mention, in a written instrument of the time (day and year) when it was made. Also the time so specified. That part of a deed or writing which expresses the day of the month and year in which it was made or given. 2 Bl. Comm. 304; More...
    In French law. A deed is said to have a date certatne (fixed date) when it has been subjected to the formality of registration; after this formality has been complied with, the parties to the deed cannot by mutual consent change the date thereof. Arg. Fr. Merc. Law, 555.
    In the civil law. A giving, or act of giving. Datio in solutum; a giving in payment; a species of accord and satisfaction. Called, in modern law, "dation."
    In the civil law. A gift; a giving of something. It is not exactly synonymous with "donation," for the latter implies generosity or liberality in making a gift while dation may mean the giving of something to which the recipient is already entitled. -Dation en paiement. In French law. A More...
    A word derived from the Roman law, signifying "appointed by public authority." Thus, In Scotland, an executor-dative is an executor appointed by a court of Justice, corresponding to an English administrator. Mozley & Whitley. In old English law. In one's gift; that may be given and disposed of at will More...
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