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    Loss, hurt, or harm without injury in the legal sense, that Is, without such an invasion of rights as is redressihle by an action. A loss which does not give rise to an action of damages against the person causing it; as where a person blocks up the windows of More...
  • DAN
    Anciently the better sort of men in England had this title; so the Spanish Don. The old term of honor for men, as we now say Master or Mister. Wharton.
    A tribute of 1s. and afterwards of 2s. upon every hide of land through the realm, levied by the Anglo-Saxons, for maintaining such a number of forces as were thought sufficient to clear the British seas of Danish pirates, who greatly annoyed their coasts. It continued a tax until the More...
    A system of laws Introduced by the Danes on their invasion and conquest of England, and which was principally maintained in some of the midland counties, and also on the eastern coast. 1 BL Comm. 65: 4 Bl. Comm. 411: 1 Stenh. Comm. 42.
    Jeopardy; exposure to loss or injury; peril. U. S. v. Mays, 1 Idaho, 770. -Dangers of navigation. The same as "dangers of the sea" or "perils of the sea." See tn/ra.-Dangers of the river. This phrase, as used in bills of lading, means only the natural accidents Incident to river More...
    In old English law. A money payment made by forest-tenants, that they might have liberty to plow and sow in time of pannage, or mast feeding.
    One dangerous to life; one by the use of which a fatal wound may prohahly or possibly be given. As the manner of use enters into the consideration as well as other circumstances, the question is for the jury. U. S. v. Reeves, (C. C.) 38 Fed. 404; State v. More...
    The act of lending money on usury.
  • DANO
    In Spanish law. Damage; the deterioration, injury, or destruction which a man suffers with respect to his person or his property by the fault (culpa) of another. White, New Recop. b. 2, tit. 19, c. 3, f L Dans et retinens, nihil dat. One who gives and yet retains does More...
    A steward either of a king or lord. Spelman.
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