05/30/13, 9:09 am
I was wrongfully terminated from my position as a Sales Manager from the largest independent used car dealership in Florida. I was recruited by the owner directly. In three years of service, I had increased profit by over a million ($1,000.000) dollars and significantly impacted sales volume. I discovered that the major wholesaler for the store (the owners best friend) stole over $250,000 from the owner. In order for him to be paid back the owner was selling trade ins for significantly less than they were worth to this wholesaler. These trades were then sold at auction (which can be documented) or to other stores for significant profit. The wholesaler then would give a large portion of the profit back to the owner in CASH!!! In summary, they were stealing from both the sales people and the managers. I went to the General Manager, told him what I had discovered and was terminated within two weeks. I never was written up for any violation of company policy. Do I have recourse? This store prides itself on ethics. They use both a radio show and TV show to promote being the most honest used car dealership.
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C.B. Upton Says:

Jun 05,2013 2:03 PM

Yes, it sounds like you may have a case. In order to know for sure, you need to discuss the facts in greater detail with an attorney. Most attorneys will provide you with a free consultation. I would be happy to speak with you. I can be reached at 850-727-5964 or through

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