12/14/12, 2:02 pm
I went to visit my brother. He lives in an apartment that has a security gate. The gate closed when I was half way through damaging my car. I saw the video and I did not "piggyback" another car. The video even shows me stopping in front of the gate giving the gate a few seconds to close. There is a sign saying that they are not responsible for any injuries or damage even due to malfunctioning of the gate. I do not necessarily believe the gate was malfunctioning. I just know I was not recless. I believe there should of been some sort of censor on the gate. Are they liable for my damages? The estimate is very reasonable. 250.00 dollars
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Andrew Rader Says:

Jan 03,2013 3:57 PM

You can have an attorney write a letter to the apartment complex demanding that they pay for your vehicle's damages. Do you have a copy of the video? This may give you leverage to show that the gate was malfunctioning and that there was nothing you could do to prevent the damage done to your car.

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