11/27/12, 2:02 pm
In the state of Colorado what happens if you die without a will and are married
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Diedre Braverman Says:

Dec 07,2012 12:11 PM

It depends upon two factors: - how is your property titled (jointly? separately? tenants in common?)? - how long have you been married? At most your spouse will receive 50% of your property. The rest will go to more distant relatives.

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Diedre Braverman
Braverman Law Group, LLC
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Nov 27,2012 3:48 PM

If you die without a will, you die what is called intestate. Intestate laws in Colorado have specific provisions on how your property is to be divided and the court must be involved. First look at Colorado Revised Statute 15-11-102 and following for specifics. It is ALWAYS better to have a will with really no downside. Wills can be completed relatively cheaply even through an attorney. Feel free to contact me, or anyone else, and we can discuss your needs.

Nothing in this communication should be considered legal advice. Nor should this communication lead you to believe that an attorney-client relationship has been created. Only after thorough analysis of your case with you in my office can I provide effective legal advice on your specific issue.

Christopher Kendrick
Lubchenco, Kendrick, & Baldridge, LLP
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