01/23/13, 1:01 pm
I got a DUI for sleeping in my car with the heater on and the cop came up to my car and opened my door i was a sleep i was drunk and i was not driving it was in the 30`s so i had the heater on to stay warm i was 0.17% i cant aford any help what do i do? Im so sad
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Tom Flores Says:

Jan 30,2013 1:28 PM

Keep in mind that in order to be guilty of driving under the influence, you must be DRIVING. The prosecutor must show that you were driving in order for you to be found guilty. Most attorneys will work with you on the price, and with payments. Do NOT enter a plea at arraignment until you speak with an attorney who practices DUI and criminal law. Your freedom, and diving privileges are at risk. -Tomas M. Flores, Esq. (760) 410-8356

No attorney client relationship is entered into until a fee agreement is sighed, and fees are paid. Nothing herein is legal advice, and should not supplement actual legal advice from an attorney with whom you have an attorney-client relationship with.

Tom Flores
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