04/26/12, 10:10 am
Im a high school baseball coach in california. In a meeting which included a player, the players parents, the school principal, the varsity baseball coach and myself. The meeting was to discuss the relationship between myself and the player and the benching of their son for disciplinary purposes. In the days following the meeting it was brought to the attention of the school (childs speech therapist was told by his mother and the therapist informed the principal) that the parents had recorded the meeting without our consent. What are my rights and should I report this to the police for documentation purposes? ***This is an ongoing, contentious relationship between the parents and myself.
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Darrell York Says:

Apr 26,2012 10:49 AM

I am sure you have conducted your research and found that it is illegal to secretly record your conversation but that conversation must be a confidential communication. See Penal Code 632. It is questionable whether this conversation would be deemed confidential since there were several persons present at this meeting. Even it it were deemed confidential, I seriously doubt the police would do anything about it.

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