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Do I have the right to sue an former employer for profit share holdings that they won't give me
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Donald Hyatt Says:

Dec 29,2015 1:49 PM

If the profit sharing was a negotiated part of your compensation that you routinely received and you completed the period for which it would have been calculated, you may be able to force them to pay you. If the profit sharing was purely discretionary, not according to a set formula, and/or you did not complete the period for which it was to be paid, then you likely cannot force them to pay. The foregoing is intended as legal information concerning the question asked, but is not intended as legal advice upon which the requesting party may rely in guiding their actions. Rather, the requesting party should consult an attorney for a personal consultation and advice for a full consideration of their situation and rendition of legal advice. Additionally, by providing this general information I am not accepting any representation of the requesting party and I am specifically declining to form an attorney-client relationship with the requesting party unless agreed to later after further consultation and agreement.

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