10/03/13, 5:05 pm
I was riding my motorcycle and was stopped at a stop sign. I was git from behind by a vehicle. I fell off the bike and it landed on top of me after being hit by the car. The bike was totaled. I had x-rays and went to physical therapy for several weeks for my leg/knee. I need to settle with the insurance company and wondered what I should ask for a settlement. Please advise. Thanks
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Frank Lafferty Says:

Jan 08,2014 11:54 AM

You would be best served by discussing the matter with an experienced attorney. Motorcycle accidents can be a difficult based on the potential for unpaid medical bills that are not covered like they are under a traditional automobile policy. Most attorneys will not give you an amount to ask for without full knowledge of your claim and the actual damages you sustained (medical bills, wage loss, etc).

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