03/21/13, 9:09 pm
I recently overdosed and was rushed to the emergency room. While there a "friend" brought me a backpack containing some articles I owned inside. I remember being in the stretcher and security guards going through the backpack. This was a closed backpack in which I never said was mine. While going through the backpack they recovered paraphernalia, I which I said to they person who brought backpack, "Are you trying to get me in trouble?". They also found narcotics and Brass Knuckles, they asked If I knew the Brass Knuckles were illegal? I told them I did not. Never did I say anything was mine. However, Police were called and I ended up in Jail and facing two felonies. Possession of a schedule 1 narcotic and possession of an illegal weapon. Was this a legal search and seizure? And how can anyone prove that the backpack was mine?
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Christopher Kendrick Says:

Mar 22,2013 2:31 PM

This question is impossible to answer via an internet message board. You are facing two felony charges and need to hire counsel asap. If you cannot afford an attorney you need to seek the services of the public defender.

Nothing in this communication should be considered legal advice. Nor should this communication lead you to believe that an attorney-client relationship has been created. Only after thorough analysis of your case with you in my office can I provide effective legal advice on your specific issue.

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