04/20/12, 5:05 pm
The police came to my home on numerous occassions looking for a parolee who did not live there. Once they searched my entire house and put me in a cop car for an hour while they did a manhunt for him. Then they let me out when they realized that I had been trying to help them catch him. They said they wanted me to set him up. Let me go. I didnt see him again and gave them all the addresses that I knew where he stayed. Then they came back another time and my roommate asked if they had a search warrant and they said no and walked in and came right into my bedroom. A friend and I were in the room and I had a glass pipe in a can with a lid on it and a plastic baggie of meth on the dresser but I covered it with my cell. I asked if we could talk in the other room and he said no, he didn't care about dope he wanted me to get Rick there so they could arrest him. I said that I could try but he wouldn't trust me. Then they said to shut up that I was getting arrested and so was my friend. I bailed out and two days later they got him at the address I had originally given them.. So what should I do?
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Darrell York Says:

Apr 23,2012 10:45 AM

Hire an attorney immediately and if you cannot afford one use the public defender. Do not speak to anyone about your case except your attorney. In the future, NEVER GIVE CONSENT TO SEARCH OR TALK TO THE POLICE. Read my blogs on my website on both subjects. Go to

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