02/21/18, 9:09 am
I was in a lease with my previous landlord and he sold the property. The new landlord came to the premises and advised she would have a new lease worked up prior to our expiring lease which was August of last year. Now, in February we were advised of a rent increase which is fine though when we called to speak with her she was very rude. Then this morning with no notice she comes to the premises, enters our back yard and claims we have 3 days to clean the yards to her satisfaction or receive a notice to vacate. We have never received anything from her stating what her specifications are, she never gave us a lease or contract. Can she enter our fenced yard with out consent, can she do everything she has done? I feel like there has to be something legally we can do.
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Sean Cleary Says:

Mar 06,2018 10:10 AM

Check your rental agreement to verify that your rental premises include the yard. Your landlord cannot enter the rental premises, including the yard, for any reason without giving 24 hours written notice and having your consent to enter. It's important to know that only a judge can order an eviction. The landlord does not have the right to move you out without first going to court and getting a judge to order that you have to move out. The landlord gives certain notices to start a lawsuit, but the judge decides if you have to leave. If the landlord gives the wrong notice, it could well mean that she will lose at the eviction hearing. But, she could turn around and give the right notice afterward, and then start another eviction lawsuit.

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