03/19/13, 7:07 pm
I was involved in a rear collision motor vehicle accident in early September 2012.I did hit the other driver from behind and he did receive $2000 of medical treatment (mostly chiropractic care) that my car insurance company already covered. I just received a letter from the other party's attorney revealing that he is demanding an additional $18,000.00 for "personal loss due to injury while searching for a job." Is this a lawsuit? Should I search for an attorney?
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Andrew Rader Says:

Mar 21,2013 8:31 AM

This is not a lawsuit. Their attorney made a demand to your insurance carrier for $18,000 for pain and suffering, wage loss, etc. This is completely standard in any auto accident where injuries are involved. Your insurance carrier will negotiate with their attorney to try and settle the claim. If your insurance company and the attorney do not come to an amicable agreement, they can potentially file a lawsuit against you. Your insurance carrier is responsible for representing you if a lawsuit is filed. They will either have in-house counsel or hire an attorney to handle litigation. You will not be responsible for paying these attorneys as your insurance company has a duty to represent you.

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