03/24/13, 11:11 am
Me And my husband Have been seperated for 9 months and i want to buy a car if i buy a car and its in my name only does he have any legal rights to it since we are seperated
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Jay DeWitt Says:

Mar 25,2013 10:25 PM

This information is not to be construed as creating an attorney client relationship and is for General Advice only. please consult an attorney in your area and one of your choosing. This is strictly being provided as a service by The DeWitt Law Firm. Just to introduce myself, my name is Jay DeWitt and I have been in the practice of family law with my office located In Longview, Texas. I have been practicing family law for over thirteen years. To answer your question, under the Texas Family Code, anything acquired during the marriage is considered community property. Texas is a community property state meaning that anything bought, or earned during the marriage is considered community property or 50/50 ownership. However there are exceptions if a divorce is filed and an allegation of fault in the break up is alleged. But, just as a general rule if you are currently married, and make a purchase, the husband could make a claim as to his portion of the asset. However, he could also be responsible for 1/2 the debt as well. But as a general rule, the party awarded the asset with debt normally gets the debt as well. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you, I am Sincerely, Jay DeWitt

The information being provided is for informational purposes only and SHALL not be construed as establishing an attorney client relationship. For legal issues being addressed, it is important the individual seek advice from a local attorney or the opinion of an attorney of your choice.

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