04/16/12, 11:11 am
My hubby and I split up in may of last year, we got back together in August. Before I came back he wanted to keep the girls for 2 weeks, while he had them he filed for custody. I never signed anything but he has a paper saying tht I can't take the girls out of Oklahoma. I'm originally from Louisiana. I have no family here and no where to go. My question is, is the paper still good even though I never signed anything and ive been living here w him and the girls since August?
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Maria Blakely Says:

Apr 25,2012 2:19 PM

There is no way anyone can answer that without looking at the paper itself. If it is from a court or a state agency such as DHS, it may be goo. The answer depends upon how it was obtained, whether you were given notice of a hearing, whether he was truthful with the judge in obtaining it, etc. You really need to take the paper to an attorney & discuss it in detail. ----The advice given here is not intended to, and does not, establish an attorney-client relationship. Also, the advice given is general, based solely on the facts stated in the question. Other facts, not listed here, as well as the contents of any documentation involved in your case may substantially affect your rights/obligations. The only way to know for sure is to schedule and appointment with an attorney to discuss your case in detail.----

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