08/17/13, 1:01 am
I helped a friend out of the kindness of my heart and i helped her pawn some jewlry. Turns out the jewlry was stolen and she never told me that they were. Now shes in custody and she said that she did tell me and i told the cops when they came by that i had no idea that the items were. She is also 17 and im 19. What is going to happen? She also has a prior juvie record and i have no record at all. Help!
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Nicholas Wooldridge Says:

May 18,2015 1:57 PM

Your question was asked some time ago and might be resolved. However anyone in a similar situation should contact a criminal defense attorney right away. The police are unlikely to take someone at their word that they did on know the items were stolen. You need to think of where this person said she received the items before she gave them to you.

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