05/23/12, 8:08 pm
Hello, I am now legally separated from my husband after 29 years of marriage. he still lives in the house which we are totally upside down on, He says that if I relenquish all rights to the house that he will not come after me for half the taxes every year. This means that I will be off the title but not the contract. ( I think) Does this mean that he can't come after me for anything else if I relenquish all rights. Many thanks Trisha
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Darrell York Says:

May 25,2012 10:01 AM

Usually the spouse that is living in the house has the responsibility of the mortgage and taxes. This spouse is called the "in spouse" and since they have exclusive use of the family residence they need to pay for it. You really should retain an attorney to assist you since this is a lengthy marriage.

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